Learning at Goldrick

Goldrick students will be successful by developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and a passion for learning. All of our teachers are trained in academic standards, curriculum and data practices so that we are our best every day.

Goldrick uses a variety of learning models to develop a personalized learning plan for each student:

The Workshop Model is used during literacy and math instruction. Teachers intro- duce the lesson, students have independent work time and then come back together allowing them to reflect on what they learned.

Small Group Instruction has students engage in daily small group reading with the classroom teacher. During this guided reading time, students practice reading skills and strategies.

Project Based Learning in social studies and science provides students with opportunities to follow their curiosity, collaborate with classmates and authentically connect learning to the real world.

Blended Learning builds skills in navigating technology. Students use a portion of their time to work individually at computers and complete online activities and projects.