Building the Goldrick Culture

Each morning students begin their day in a Goldrick family meeting. This is a time for students to develop social and leadership skills, build community and connect with school values.

All classes come together every Friday for a Community Meeting to celebrate the commitment, effort and success of the student body and honor students who are setting a strong example.

Our teachers go the extra mile every day to ensure students are successful. We believe deeply in small group instruction so we can provide the most personalized lessons and support for every child. Our focus does not end with academics. We know that whole-child programming best supports our students so we weave opportunities for character and leadership development throughout the day.

OUR MISSION: Through excellent instruction, character and leadership develop- ment and strong relationships, Goldrick Elementary will support students as they grow as critical thinkers, risk takers and leaders in the community.

OUR VISION: All Goldrick students are prepared to pursue their dreams and lead for a better tomorrow.