Distance Learning Information

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Goldrick Distance Learning Plan 2020

Our work is to become a premier provider of electronically delivered learning environments that are whole student-focused, learning-centered, and JOYFUL!

Electronically delivered lessons and community engagement opportunities will be accessible by students and families through a personal learning environment with integrated and relevant support services provided by Goldrick teachers. This environment will facilitate meaningful, consistent, and effective lessons; through a variety of activities that support social-emotional learning and academic integrity to continue our work in achieving growth for all  goldrick students. 

We are dedicated to providing you and your family access to electronic learning technologies and training. So please reachout, we are here to support and help not just your child, but your whole family in distance learning.  


Contact Us
While we are transitioning our phones, please leave a message  to our main office number 720-424-6980 or call your student’s teacher. 

Office Hours are from 10am-12pm


Teacher Folders- Please click on your teachers name, Specials, or ELD to access their folder.

5th Grade

Ms. Jacobson & Ms. Garduno Morgan (4th ELA-E)

Ms. Castillo- Hernandez (4th ELA-S)

Mr. Small (3rd ELA-E)

Ms. Gregory (3rd ELA-E)

Ms. Lowery (3rd ELA-S)

Ms. Hernandez (3rd ELA-S)

Ms. Maria (2nd ELA-S)

Ms. Ladd (2nd ELA-E)

Ms. Hernandez (2nd ELA- E)

Ms. Kresinski ( 1st ELA-E)

Mr. Maldonado (1st ELA-S)

Ms. Gonzalez Reyes (kinder-S)

Ms. Rath (kinder-E)




Mental Health

Having Technical Problems?
Please call the DPS Department of Technology Services. They will be available for student technical support. Students/Parents can call 720-423-3163 between the hours of 7:00 am through 5:00 pm.


Digital Safety:

At Goldrick digital citizenship and internet safety are part of our instruction at every grade level, but it is important to continue the conversation at home.  We encourage you to talk to your student about what they do online, appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, expectations, and healthy practices. Please visit www.staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/for-parents for tips and resources.

We’re excited about the new opportunities our students and teachers now have to make connections, learn, and grow. And we ask that you please follow and enforce these internet rules:


  1. When using your school computer at home, follow the same rules you would follow at school. If you wouldn’t go to a website at school, do not go to that website at home.  
    •   DPS does its best to ensure our students’ online experiences are safe. Our web filters, included on district-issued devices and through district network connections, are programmed to block inappropriate content as much as possible.  Like all technology-based solutions, there are ways a user might attempt to circumvent these Internet filters for inappropriate use. Please monitor the content your child is accessing on the web. 

      2. Your computer is a school/academic tool please treat your computer with care and attention

    • Don’t have liquids or food by the computer
    • Don’t expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes. 
    • Try to keep the laptop on a flat, clean surface.

3. Do not change settings or download anything unless instructed to do so.
ALWAYS carry your Chromebook with TWO hands, hold and lift the computer by its base, not by its LCD display (the screen). If you lift it by the screen alone, you could damage the display or the hinges attaching the display to the base.