NNAT3 GT Universal Screening Dates: 

Posted September 28, 2022

2nd Grade window: Sept. 28-October 28

Kindergarten window: October 24-Nov 24

GT Programming Plan for Goldrick: 

Goldrick Elementary provides equitable academic and social/emotional services to all students. Classroom teachers at Goldrick strive to provide differentiated instruction to all students in the regular classroom. GT services include testing all Kindergarten and 2nd graders using NNAT: Naglieri Non-verbal Ability Test; compiling data for GT identification, small-group instruction in areas of strength and social/emotional needs. GT services include a .25 GT Rep who is at the school Tuesdays, and then every other Friday morning.  Best practices in GT education such as high order questioning, student choice, advanced use of technology, service learning, and thinking skills development in the classroom are implemented. The GT teacher consults with teachers and SSPs in order to support social/emotional needs, provide academic enrichment, and build talent portfolios for identification. At least once a semester, the GT teacher provides professional development to staff in regards to high level questioning, and in-class strategies for support. GT teacher communicates with parents in regards to students’ GT and talent pool needs.  In order to address inequities in the GT/HGT/ME/Talent Pool population, the GT resource teacher will be using culturally responsive tools for building a body of evidence to identify students.  GT teacher collaborates with classroom teachers to monitor student growth. Advanced Learning Plans for all identified GT students are developed with student, parent/guardian, and teacher input, and monitored throughout the year.